Who We Are

The purpose of Alabama Nature Partners is to identify and record the ecosystems and cultural resources of Alabama, both of which are endangered by the modern way of life.

Through the use of media, mainly film and video techniques, the organization will establish public information that will educate the public on the importance of the natural and cultural legacy of the state.

If you'd like to contact Alabama Nature Partners for additional information, please click here for our contact form.

Alabama Nature Partners


Mary Martin Riser

  • Fairhope Film Festival, Executive Director
  • M.W.Smith, Jr. Foundation
  • Sybil Smith Charitable Trust
  • Nall Foundation
  • Alabama Forestry Resources Center

Patrick McDonald

  • Nall Foundation

Marshall Riser

  • Deluxe Entertainment Services Group, Post Production Media Specialist, Seattle WA
  • Dudes of the Round Book Club

Steve Mobley

  • J. Steven Mobley Law Offices, Birmingham, AL

Edward O. Wilson

  • Museum of Comparative Zoology Faculty Emeritus
  • Pellegrino University Professor, Emeritus, Harvard
  • E. O. Wilson BioDiversity Foundation

Vince Dooley

  • Gridiron Secret Society
  • Georgia Trustee

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Mary Riser, Executive Producer

  • Active participant in several local documentaries
  • Taught film classes to adults as well as high school students
  • Assisted with several national film festivals
  • Currently offering a class in Shakespeare films
  • Founded and has directed The Fairhope Film Series for 14 years
  • Served on local foundations since 1980

Lynn Rabren, Director and Producer

  • Received two Emmys for Videography, along with other awards
  • Videography clients:  ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, HDNet and independent production companies
  • Videography for 60 Minutes for 20 years; TV and magazine shows for KABC-TV and KCBS-TV
  • Director of Photography for two performance DVDs with Neil Young: Silver and Gold and Family and Friends: Live at Red Rocks
  • Produced music projects, commercials and co-produced a number of magazine pieces for 60 Minutes and Sunday Morning
  • Produced feature pieces for Charles Kurault
  • Directed Dan Rather Reports: A Gulf in Understanding
  • Directed A Life on the Water: Coastal Mississippi Memoirs
  • Directed A Redfish Tale: The Watershed Story
  • Produced and directed FishSlap

Eric Lowe, Cinematography

  • B.S degree on Communication Arts
  • 15 years  experience in photojournalism:  WGAT NBC (Augusta GA); WALA FOX (Mobile, AL); UofAL Public TV and APT

Ben Raines, Writer and Co-Producer

  • Environmental reporter for the Mobile Press Register for 13 years
  • Awarded more than 20 state and national awards for his environmental coverage
  • Graduated from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts with a degree in filmmaking
  • Articles and photos have appeared in national publications           
  • Video work has been featured in documentaries on the Discovery Channel, National Geographic Television and the HD Network

Jennifer Galloway, Associate Producer

  • B.A. English, Communications
  •  Associate Producer, FishSlap
  •  Contributing Writer, Sense Magazine
  •  Rileigh and Raylee Angle Ride Foundation, Team Leader
  •  2012 Mr. Jubilee Pageant, Chair

Kathy Ferniany, Administrative Assistant

  •  B.S. Degree in Administrative Sciences
  •  Former volunteer coordinator, marketing coordinator, and board member for The Haven, Fairhope, AL