The preservation of our planet's natural resources depends on fostering an appreciation for the living world around us. A child with an interest in ecology today can grow up to become an influential conservationist tomorrow.

We are proud to offer our documentary film and accompanying downloadable materials as free educational resources for you to use in your classroom.  You and your students can view our educators' version of the America's Amazon documentary, which includes several 'breaks' to provide opportunities for review and discussion with your students in conjunction with the Teacher's Guide and Lesson Plans. The Teacher's Guide contains active links to other helpful website in the Resources section which you can click through for additional information.

Thank you for your role in elevating the importance of our Delta through education. Enjoy the film!

     - Alabama Nature Partners


CREDITS: America’s Amazon was funded by Alabama Nature Partners, with additional funding from the Weeks Bay Foundation for classroom education.

America’s Amazon was produced by Mary Riser, Lynn Rabren and Ben Raines and can be purchased through the Alabama Nature Partners online store.

The Teachers Guide was a collaborative effort among the film’s producers, Dr. Tina Miller-Way of the Dauphin Island Sea Lab’s Discovery Hall educational program, and Environmental Sciences teacher Janet Ort of Hoover High School.